Cameras, Optics, etc.


Canon Rebel T3, 12.2 MP

This camera really belongs to my wife, but I bought it for her so I use it when I want to for hunting related activities.  I also have a  75-300mm lens for wildlife photography (Mammals, Birds, Lizards and Snakes).

Panasonic HDC-TM80

I received this camera as a graduation present from my wife, mom, and mother-in-law in 2012.  I use it to film deer and elk all the time.  This camera does good if I have it on a tripod and the animal is less than 300 yards away.  It will film further out but the resolution is not very good.  All of my videos on YouTube were filmed with this camera. I am going to buy a Solvid System to film with this camera in the future.


Moultrie M-80x

I have used this camera in Utah, but I do not currently have a link to my pictures on this website. It does good for how much it cost me several years ago.


I recently won a pair of Vortex Vulture 15×56 HD binoculars in an online hunting photo contest.

Optics and Cameras

My older binoculars are Alpen Wings 10×42. I like them, but I prefer Vortex optics.



My rifle scope is a Vortex Diamondback with a BDC reticle (4-12×40) that I bought when I bought my Tikka T3 Lite rifle.

My spotting scope actually belongs to my brother, but he doesn’t want to use it so I am putting it to use. It is a Vortex Diamondback 20-60×60 angled.


I was not sure where to put this piece of equipment so I put it here with cameras and optics. I recently upgraded to a Garmin 64st GPS. I have taken more than 15 credit hours of GIS in college and I am pretty good and working with data. I would like to purchase the Wyoming and Utah hunt apps from when I draw my tags in the future in those states. One really nice feature is LiveTracking, which allows my wife to see where I am on the mountain when I am out and about alone. I just pair it with my phone via BlueTooth and she gets an email to track me.


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