2012 Season

I drew tags in Utah for the 2012 season. First, I drew a nanny mountain goat tag on Willard Peak, which I surrendered because the State of Utah doubled the number of nanny tags on the unit. I wanted to hunt it with my bow. Also, I got started a new job in Nevada and I was not going to be able to hunt very much in 2012.

The second tag that I drew was a general season archery deer tag on the Panguitch Lake unit in southern Utah. I hunted the first few days of archery season without any luck finding a mature buck. I filmed dozens of bucks and made a short YouTube video.

In early September, I was headed to southern Nevada for a job interview and I decided to hunt one more night with my wife and our daughter. We saw several deer and I decided to fill my tag on a small buck rather than eat tag soup.


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