2015 Season

I only drew one tag in 2015 after applying for hunts in Utah, Colorado, and Nevada.  I drew a 132-134, 245 any weapon buck antelope tag in Nevada with 2 points. I did not expect to draw an antelope tag in Nevada, especially not one of the hardest units to draw in the state. When I saw that I drew a tag I thought it was my 5th choice for archery on the same unit. I hit a new level of excitement when I found out I had drawn my 1st choice tag and that it was an any weapon tag.

The hunt dates were August 22-September 7. I decided to leave home on Thursday, August 20th. I was accompanied by my brother-in-law who had never been hunting and my four-year-old daughter. On Thursday evening, we saw three bucks on my unit. We named the biggest buck M1. Friday we covered just shy of 300 miles looking for antelope. The vast majority of the antelope were located near our camp. We did find one monster buck that we named M2 on the ET Highway just west of Rachel, but he was on the wrong side of the highway and was the only antelope we saw that low on the unit.

Opening day,  we decided to go about five miles north of our camp and try to find M1. We left camp when it was legal to hunt and drove for about 10 minutes before we saw two antelope cross the dirt road on a dead sprint. Guess who it was? M1! He was making a dust trail straight out through an open flat. I got setup on my bipod, took a shot, and missed. He slowed down and I was able to take another shot as he switched directions about 300 yards away. M1 was down!

This was my first antelope hunt and my first antelope. His horns are 14 1/2 and 15 inches long, he has 6-inch bases and 5-inch prongs. I rough scored him at 78 inches. I decided to do a European mount.

Pictures from this hunt also won me a pair of Vortex Vulture 15×56 HD binoculars in a hunting photograph contest.

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