2013 Season

(I did not draw any tags in 2013, but I did go hunting with family, and I filmed some great bucks)

I recently moved my family to Nevada to start a new career.  I am very excited about my career and I know that I am very fortunate to have obtained employment in natural resource management.  This being my probationary year I need to make sure I complete POST (Police Officer Standard Training) and do the very best I can to prove my value as a new employee and improve my skills.

I am very uncertain how much hunting I will get to do in 2013.  I intend to apply for a mule deer preference point in Colorado, as well as bonus points in Utah for limited entry elk and once-in-a-lifetime mountain goats. I am not considered a resident for hunting in Utah or Nevada during the normal application periods for 2013.

This year I am getting a hunting buddy in June.  He will be our second child and first son.  I am very excited to have a son.  My daughter is awesome;however, I really wanted this child to be a little boy that I can teach and learn from. I am sure both my children will love the outdoors like their parents.ultrasound

I bought my wife a Canon T3 camera a few weeks ago.  I hope to add some great wildlife photography to my website.T3


My wife and I are the proud parents of a very healthy 9.5-pound baby boy.  His big sister (MM) is very excited to have a new baby in the house.  We were fortunate to get him home less than 24 hours after his birth.  Surprisingly, he was the only newborn at the hospital while we were there.BB1

The Nevada 2nd draw opened for remaining big game permits and to buy bonus points for species available in the 2nd draw.  It cost me $57 to buy a hunting license and get bonus points for Nevada pronghorn and deer. They are not cheap but I really want to hunt next year in Nevada.NVBP

060_2I also just got my $326 check back from Colorado from the preference point I purchased there. I now have 3 points for Colorado deer. I have no idea when I am going to have a chance to hunt deer in Colorado with my brother. However, when we do have time we should be able to draw good permits with a few points going into the draws.

The other day I came across a picture from when I was two and my parents gave me my first bow.Dillon_Bow

August 2013:

I was taken back by the recent passing of my brother-in-law.  He was such a good man and a great husband to my oldest sister and a great father to his four children (ages 19, 17, 12, and 7). I drove to Salt Lake City and flew to Florida for a week to support my sister and her family.  While there I was unable to spend very much time outdoors due to the insane amount of rain they are receiving right now.  I was able to check out some alligators that some local hunters had taken the night before.  The one on my left is 12’7″ long and weighed 800 pounds.  Someday I hope to do an alligator hunt, but not this year.IMG_20130823_175035_2

I was also able to visit a friends whitetail deer ranch.  He has 260 acres fenced off and he has about 20 bucks on the property at the moment.  It is fun to drive around and see how big he can grow the bucks in a controlled setting.  The only buck that held still for pictures was Shorty.  He is 3 years old.IMG_20130823_185749_2

I am now  scheduling my time so I can take a week off from work to hunt with my family in October in Southern Utah.October 26, 2013:

October 2013:

I took off a week from work to drive to southern Utah with my wife, two kids, and our dog to hunt deer on the east side of the Zion unit.  We drove out on Friday the 18th and stopped at the Ward Charcoal Ovens and Cave Lake State Parks near Ely on our way to my parent’s house.  It takes 10 hours to get from where we live to my parent’s house.Charcoal

Opening-morning my little brother called my dad and told him that he forgot his tag in his backpack at the house so we were forced to drive it out to him early in the morning before the sun came up. I nearly ran over a velvet buck about 25 inches wide about 20 minutes before it was legal to shoot. He ran into a deep canyon and my dad and I elected to let him get away. My dad is limited to road hunting and sitting on migration trails. That morning we saw hundreds of deer and several small bucks.  We saw a few nice four point bucks on private land and a few more dead bucks in the backs of trucks.  We hunted every day through Thursday. We saw roughly 30 bucks, and hundreds of does.  I drove my family home on Friday, 10 more long hours on the road.

The highlight of my trip was taking my daughter hunting.  She could have cared less if we shot a buck or even saw any deer.  She kept telling us what roads to take and where to stop.  When we had a small buck walk down the road toward us she put her finger to her lips and whispered “shhhh Daddy, big buck.” It was a tiny spike, but to her it was monster buck.  I love my little hunting buddy.MM2

MMMy little boy is only a few month old, but he did pretty good hunting this year.  By next fall he should be okay, and the year after that he will be perfect to hunt with like his big sister is right now.

My little brother tagged out opening day on a 2×3.  My older brother tagged out a buck that would be the twin to my little brother’s buck today after a week of hunting (buck on the four wheeler).  My dad took a shot on Friday, yesterday, but he missed. It looks like he will be eating tag soup this year.IMG_1841(1)


December 2016:

This is a video I put together of some rutting bucks on the zion general unit.

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