2009 Season

During the 2009 season, I was able to obtain a statewide archery deer permit.  I was married during the summer of 2009 and I missed opening morning because we went with her family to Yellowstone National Park.  When we got home from Yellowstone we went out to hunt elk and deer in northern Utah.  This was her first time hunting.  We saw a few does and fawns, but no elk or bucks.

On Sunday night, I work up at 1:00 am and drove to the Panguitch Lake unit is southern Utah.  I met up with my dad and we went hunting together.  We went to one area and saw more hunters that we wanted to see so we went to another area. We talked to a hunter who was looking for an arrow he shot at a nice buck.  We drove around the next turn in the road and found two bucks.  The biggest buck was a 20″ 4×4, which I shot at 65 yards.  The arrow went through both front shoulders and about 20 yards past the buck.

This buck was in the Mar/Apr 2010 issue of Muley Crazy Magazine because I won their Max-1 camouflage contest.

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