2008 Season

I spent the 2007 season in Lima Peru on an LDS Mission.  I had a preference point when I got home so I drew a muzzleloader tag for the week after I got home to hunt the southern general region in Utah.  My mom and dad were very nice and bought me a Thompson Center Omega as a welcome home gift.  I hunted the first two days of the season and didn’t see very many deer. On Friday morning, my debit card would not work to get gas so I had to hunt low on the mountain. When I went to unload the 4-wheeler out of the back of the truck I realized that I had left the hand warmers on and the battery was dead.  I was able to start it with the pull starter.  By then it was well after sunrise. Within a few minutes, I found myself in a herd of about 3,000 sheep. Then there in the middle of the sheep was a herd of deer.  Three of them were bucks.  I cut the deer off as they tried to make their escape and I took a nice 3×4 buck 40 yards. Then my camera died after I took less than five pictures.

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