2002 Season

I decided that “Twang” was not going help me get a buck in Utah. So I went to work and mowed a lot of lawns. I saved $500 in two months and my dad took me to buy my first Hoyt bow. I bought the Hoyt Magnatec. I was all of 5 feet tall and 100 pounds so my bow was to big for me, but I wanted a bow that I could grow into and use for several years. I joined the dedicated hunter in the southern general region of Utah. I was permitted hunt archery, muzzleloader, and rifle every year, but I could only harvest two buck in three years.

I hunted over 20 days during the archery season, 5 during the muzzleloader season, and 5 during the rifle season. I saw some good bucks but nothing big enough to harvest. I decided to make my first year in the dedicated hunter program my year to pass on the opportunity to take a buck.

The buck below was a dead-head I found during archery season.


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