My first bull elk

November 1, 2017: 

My brother-in-law came out of Rock Springs to go hunting with me for a few days. We took a quick drive before dark, but we didn’t see any elk, just deer.

November 2, 2017: 

We started our day on Thursday hunting really high on the mountain with some fresh snow on the ground and a whole lot of fog. We didn’t see any elk, but we saw some really pretty country.

November 3, 2017: 

We decided to hunt lower on the mountain in a burned area on Friday. We didn’t see any elk there either.

November 4, 2017: 

I took my kids hunting whitetail deer in the morning and we saw two whitetail does and about 80 mule deer. I only wanted to shoot a whitetail if it was a buck. They got a little cold, but they had fun.

November 1o, 2017: 

I got on the mountain at noon on Friday and after hiking around a little over an hour I found a bull. He was 200 yards from me when we saw each other. I dropped on my stomach and sent a single round from my 7mm Rem Mag his way. Long story short, the Barnes 150 grain Vor-tx bullet wrecked havoc and the bull didn’t go very far at all.

After I shot him another bull came out of nowhere and stood by the bull I shot. He was a similar bull, but he was broken on his left side. Honestly, it was hard to see which bull was which.

I was excited to get my first bull, a 5×6, after so much time and energy hunting elk this fall.

I was able to get all the meat off the mountain to my Toyota Camry just a few minutes after dark. The pack out was not bad since it was only 3/4  of a mile downhill.


November 11, 2017: 

I had to go back on the morning of the 11th to get the antlers with my daughter while my wife stayed with our other kids at the car. I then spent the next 5 hours butchering my bull.

It would be an understatement to say that I love living in Wyoming and that the hunting opportunities are phenomenal. 2017 has been by far my best season ever. I got my biggest archery buck to date on September 11th, I got my second antelope with my six-year-old daughter on October 6th, and I got my first bull elk on November 10th. Life is good!