Wyoming Archery Season Continues (August 29th to September 2nd)

August 29, 2017:

I went hunting in the evening really quick to see if I could find Big Boy and he was nowhere to be found.

August 31, 2017: 

I made my kids go for a ride with me looking for antelope before I would let them go to the park and play. We didn’t see any antelope, but they had fun at the park.

On a brighter note, I found out that I drew a permission slip to hunt antelope on a Hunter Management Area (HMA) from October 7-14. Rifle season opens on October 5th.

September 1, 2017 (Opening day of deer and elk season): 

I woke up early and went looking for one of the nice mule deer bucks I have been keeping an eye on all summer. I saw one little buck.

I had to be at work at 7:30 AM. On my way to complete a project at work I did see a nice 3×3 and a fairly big 2×2 on private land. So, in the evening, I went back to find them, and I did, but they were on private land still. I think if I play my cards right I can catch them on public lands eventually.

The pictures are from over 500 yards away, so they are very pixelated.




September 2, 2017: 

I didn’t go hunting this morning, but I did see a few bucks while I was out and about at work. They were small but photogenic. I also had some people stop me at work to tell me that a racoon just ate all their fiery hot Cheetos and they had it treed. I could tell that the little racoon regretted eating the Cheetos.





Then this evening on our way to eat dinner with some friends my wife humored me and drove past the location where I have been hunting Big Boy. Sure enough, there he was, rubbing up against the fence on the private property side like nothing could touch him. He turned and walked away from us, so we continued on and had a great night with our friends.




I have to work on Monday and Tuesday next week, but I will be hunting again on Wednesday for elk and deer. I hope the bulls are starting to talk by then.