3D Archery Shoot

I have not posted for a while because my camera broke and I prefer to post more pictures and less text. I picked up a new camera this week so I will start posting more now that I have it and we are getting closer to opening day. My archery antelope opens August 15th and archery deer and elk hunt open September 1st.

I was able to participate in a fundraiser 3D archery shoot at the state park where I work in Wyoming hosted my Converse County Sportsman for Fish and Wildlife. We had 55 archers participate and the funds generated will go toward making a permanent archery range at the state park. I can’t wait to have an archery range 100 yards from my house. I didn’t shoot great, 393/480 on a 40 arrow shoot, but I beat my boss by 1 point, so I am content. The last 3D shoot I participated in was at the Apple Festival in Glendale, Utah, 12 years ago. I forgot how much fun they are.

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