Wyoming Turkey Hunt – Opening Day

Now that I am a Wyoming resident I was able to get my $16 turkey tag and go hunting. The last time I went turkey hunting was in 2004 in Florida on an FFA trip.

Opening morning I went alone to the only location where I have seen a turkey strutting around so far this spring. It snowed the night before the hunt opened and there were about 3 inches of snow on the ground. I could hear two different turkeys thundering away in the trees when the sun came up, but I could not see them through the fog. I decided to go check another area.



I drove a few miles out of the fog and saw a small flock of turkeys on public land. Unfortunately, some other hunters were also locked onto them. I backed out so I would not mess up their hunt. I talked with them later in the day and they were unsuccessful.

I drove to a new area and saw four hens. They were within archery range. However, I have to shoot a bearded turkey or a male turkey. Next fall I can get an “any turkey” tag.

I came home by 10 am to watch the LDS General Conference with my family.

From noon to two in the afternoon I took my daughter (almost age 6) and my son (almost age 4) with me. They complained about everything, but it was very fun. They love hunting and hiking with me.



My youngest son wanted to go, but he is too small to hike and he is getting too heavy to carry with all my hunting gear. They grow up so fast. It won’t take long and he will be out hiking me.


We made it home in time for the afternoon session of General Conference.

I headed back out at 4 pm knowing I needed to be home by 6 pm. I covered a lot of ground in those two hours. I didn’t see a single turkey, but I saw some beautiful scenery and took a few selfies.




All-in-all I hiked about 7 miles according to my Garmin watch. I am out of shape.

Birds (1) – Dillon (0).

Only 49 more days until turkey season ends.