Utah Applications and a New Bow

Here we go again applying for hunts in Utah. Actually, I only applied for one hunt in Utah. I  applied for the any legal weapon buck deer tag on the Henry Mountains, but my odds of drawing that permit are as close to zero as you can statistically be as a hunter with only four bonus points for deer. I purchased bonus points for elk and mountain goats. I chose to get a new bow rather than spend $800 on an elk or $1,500 on a mountain goat this year in Utah. I will have 16 elk and 14 mountain goat points next year.

I picked up my Hoyt Pro Defiant 34 compound bow from the Hoyt dealer in Casper Wyoming. I decided to go with a black bow this round for a change. It is a little different to shoot compared to my 2009 Hoyt Alphamax 32 that I am giving to my brother-in-law. I can hold my draw for a very long time, which is great because I have had multiple deer and one elk out stare me at full draw in the past. I stayed with my Spot-Hogg sights, Quality Archery Design hunter arrow rest, and Gold Tip Hunter XT (340) arrows.

Turkey season opens on April 1st and I will be ready!

My baby really liked my new toy.