Toprut Contributor

I have been busy trying to help with their social media and some written content. We just hit 101 followers on Instagram (in 10 days) and we have about 80 followers on the Facebook page. It takes a lot of work to get a social media account up and running. Fortunately, we are hunters helping … More Toprut Contributor

Hoyt Pro Defiant 34

My wife Heather was very generous and gave me a good budget to get a new bow and apply for my 2017 hunts. I decided to go ahead and order a new bow and just apply for points in Utah this year. I have enough bonus points to get a good Utah elk hunt, but … More Hoyt Pro Defiant 34

Big Game Hunting Draw Odds

Every year I spend hours, sometimes days, going over big game hunting draw odds for Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, and several other western states before I apply for hunts during the application periods. However, this year I will be using to do my research. Toprut is changing how hunters sort through mountains of information to … More Big Game Hunting Draw Odds

Mule Deer Rut: Part 5

When I started this series of “Mule Deer Rut” post I didn’t expect to get to #5. This morning, Thanksgiving morning, my wife kicked the boys and I loose to go look for bucks. It was just starting to snow when we left, and it was almost a whiteout when we got home an hour … More Mule Deer Rut: Part 5

Mule Deer Rut: Part 4

The rut is coming to an end here in eastern Wyoming. The bigger bucks are not coming out to play as much. I’m sure I will get a few more pictures in the future, but probably not as many.  

Last minute elk hunt

I helped a co-worker with a last-minute “any elk” hunt. He had never been hunting for elk before so we felt very fortunate when we hiked into a canyon and found a herd of smaller bulls bedded on a ridge across the canyon from us by around 9am. We were able to close the distance … More Last minute elk hunt